Troyfest May 2015

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Vibha and Kashi

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A bit of a belated post, but certainly a really fun shoot. In October last year I drove to Canterbury to photograph the models fitness factory, hosted by Jennifer Nicole Lee. As part of the JNL worldwide conference, we set up a studio to photograph the participants who are all keen fitness fanatics, as well as all being women. It was such a fantastic shoot. Thank you ladies, you were all wonderful!!! post7post6post5post4post3post2post1

Frank & Ruth, Coed hills, Wales, 30th August 2014.


Andreas & Alessandra, Vernazza Italy, 12th July 2014

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Akin & Katie, April 23rd 2014, Almiral de la Font, Sitges, Spain.

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Akin and Katie engagement shoot, April 2014

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Eugene & Sonia, October 2013. Barcelona.


Iris and Matias, Zurich, August 24th 2013

Last month I had a great time photographing Matias and Iris’s wedding party¬†. The reception was in the beautiful city of Zurich, with a lovely vintage style. Big thanks to Matias and Iris, you were a joy to photograph!post1post2post3post4post5post6post7post10post8post9post11post12post14post13post16post17post18post19post20post21post22post23post24post25post26post27post28post29post30post31post33postgpost34post35post36post40post39